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Germstar Touchless Hygiene System
Why Germstar
The Germcontrol©  touchless sanitation unit can become your company's infection control system. The unit utilizes reflective infrared sensor technology and allows the user to obtain an adjustable amount of solution without touching any surfaces. During our daily activities we touch countless germ infested surfaces, examples include:

  • Possible Locations & Uses
  • Working in medical facilities
  • Contacting objects and/or surfaces that are in public use (restrooms, phones, mailboxes, escalators/stair railings, etc..
  • Tending to baby and infant needs
  • Handling food


12" Table Stand (optional)

Wall Mounted

4' Floor Stand (optional)
How Germstar Works
The active ingredient in GermStar is isopropyl alcohol. When this alcohol comes in contact with germs, it denatures the molecular structure of cell proteins and effectively kills them. The alcohol then evaporates and the special emollients remain on your skin leaving it moisturized, soft and germfree.

  • Features
  • Touchless dispensing of hand sanitizers
  • Directly dispensed from an airtight self-collapsing cartridge - sanitizer never comes in contact with dispenser parts or outside air
  • Adjustable volume of dispensed liquid sanitizer
  • Spherical shape suppresses accumulation of dustborn microorganisms near the outlet and provide error free dispensing with one or both hands
  • Battery operation provides placement flexibility
  • Transparent housing and clear cartridge permits immediate monitoring of solution level
  • Intermittent green LED indicates operation and dispensing of solution, constant red LED signals the need for a battery change
  • Floor stands are 4 feet high and table stands are 1 foot high. Both type of stands come in a variety of colors. (Stands are an optional item)

  • Benefits
  • Non-allergenic
  • Efficacy in reducing transient germs in excess of 99.99% - double the transient germ killing efficiency of popular off-the-shelf products that are based on 60% to 65% ethyl alcohol
  • Reduce resident hand flora in excess of 99.6% - 30 to 50 times more powerful than common antibacterial soaps and detergents, 100 times more powerful than plain soap
  • Space-age electronic circuitry conserves power and guarantees error-free operation
  • Quick and easy maintenance

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